The Non-Mask Mandate

Florida Watch is here to keep an eye on everything that’s going on in our state government. We want to make sure elected officials are working hard, being honest, and looking out for all of our best interests. I don’t know about you, but it sure seems to me that our Governor isn’t doing a very good job protecting us during this pandemic. It’s true that cases are rising all over the country, but Florida now leads the world in new COVID-19 infections, and things are only getting worse every day. Before this situation gets completely out of control, we need to follow the lead of other states like Texas and Alabama and require masks be worn to protect ourselves and others from the deadly coronavirus. That’s why we put together a video highlighting Governor DeSantis’s repeated failure to lead our state through this crisis.

Our lives are at risk. Gov. DeSantis needs to do the right thing and use his executive power to require that we all wear masks whenever we go out in public. Things can get better in Florida, but not without real leadership from our Governor.

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