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A progressive, digital-first organization looking out for everyday Floridians. Our mission: serve truth, hold our leaders accountable and empower voters for change.

What We Stand For

A Fair Economy

Florida's economy doesn't work for low and middle-income Floridians. Florida's celebrated status as a low tax state also ensures its stays a low quality of living state.

Unemployment Insurance

Florida has a long history of making it difficult for out of work residents, especially those earning low wages, to get the benefits they need.


As we’ve seen during this pandemic, you are only as healthy as your neighbor, and if your neighbor can’t afford to see the doctor, that puts you at risk.

The Environment

Florida’s natural beauty drives its economy. Protecting the environment protects our livelihoods.


Florida’s public education system has long been underfunded and we trail most states in teacher pay. Lawmakers must fund our future.

Voting Rights

The right to vote is sacred. Florida's lawmakers have prioritized making voting harder, but we believe voting should be both safe and convenient.

Latest Updates and Press

We’re Hiring A Communications Director!

The Communications Director will help craft culturally competent, research informed messaging, develop and advance an overall communications narrative and plan for the Comms Hub, advise on digital content, and work with Florida media outlets.

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